Nanette Scriba

Traveling Through the Light

"Dark-skinned Creole women in bright-colored, fluttering dresses, breathtakingly beautiful; girls with artfully braided dreadlocks; boys in bare feet playing in the village streets; wives of fishermen balancing the morning catch on their heads on their way to the fish market - it's all their `fault´! They have been my muse, the igniting element for me to get hooked, yet again, on painting 20 years after I had finished my art studies. And hooked I got.

In the beginning of 2006 I went for the first time to the beautiful Islands of Cape Verde, where I stayed for several weeks, and I was so completely seduced by the grace and the naturalness of the local people, the colors of Africa, and the overwhelming power of the intense light that is unique to the islands that I just had to begin painting again. I roamed the narrow streets in the heat and the dust and found myself collecting kinetic scenes of Cape Verde's everyday life, fleeting moments that suggested untold stories, and whose poetic charm was indescribable.

Eventually a cycle of about 90 paintings emerged, and I'm sure that I will continue painting there for a long time.
Of course I will also continue to sing (now enriched by some exceptionally beautiful Creole songs from Cape Verde), but I'm very much looking forward to my next session with brushes, paint and canvas, and to reuniting with the dark-skinned Creole women in their brightly-colored, fluttering dresses, the girls and the boys..."
Nanette Scriba...

"They seem to be light, these images of Scriba, and yet you can find something enigmatic, something profound in them...
And so her paintings are born of beauty, affirming the moment - and that's a lot."
newspaper AZ Mainz / Wiesbaden